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With over 40 years of business operations & development experience in all areas of corporate, franchise and sole proprietor negotiations we developed the best and toughest practices be it new business ventures or renewing lease contracts.

From coast to coast we have negotiated the strongest lease contracts and prime real estate to secure financial business success for your future.


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Before you sign on the dotted line, let us review your situation, contracts and all things business related to your venture.

We are experts at finding the hidden “small” print that many overlook.

Our Specialization

Leasing and Real Estate negotiation experts with extensive business background throughout Canada with a primary focus on Hospitality and Food Service industries. Well versed in Franchise and disclosure document requirements, real estate trends and lease negotiations.

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Offer to lease negotiations/Lease review & negotiations/Lease renewals/Lease Interpretation.​


Provide proforma and bank presentation support. Suggest and connect to preferred financial institutions. ​

Operational Development​

Support new business owner operational start up, supplies and staffing.​

Site Selection​

Source sites and validate with market analysis. Recommend construction resources.  ​

Proforma Analysis

Review model viability, balancing with fixed costs, economic conditions and competitive environment.​

Business Coaching​

Providing comprehensive knowledge linking all aspects of the business model.​

Offer To Lease Negotiations

Free Rent

Tenant Allowance

Landlord Work 


Proforma Analysis

Model Viability 

Lease Renewals

Arbitrate Terms

Site Selection

Validate User Needs

Demographic & Market Analysis


Expand Scalable Model


Resource Management

Legal Support & Financial Institution Network

Our Expert Team

A high performing team of experts stands by to help you accomplish your business goals. We are strong advocates of ensuring honesty and integrity for all.

The cunning strength and impenetrable focus of the lion is what we represent.

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